a) Started business with cash Rs. 200000 and Furniture Rs. 50000. (नगद रू. २०००० र फर्निचर रू. ५०००० बाट व्यवसाय सुरूवात गरियो । ) b) Purchase goods worth Rs. 80000 on cash and 70000 on credit. नगद रू. ८०००० र उधारो रू. ७०००० मा सामान खरीद गरियो । c) Paid Rent Rs. 90000. -भाडा रू. १०००० भुक्तानी गरीयो) d) Sold goods costing Rs. 20000 and on cash Rs. 25000. (रू. २०००० के सामान रू. २५००० मा बेचियो) 0​


a and e is the answer

yes hope it

I have absolutely no clue whatsoever

Do you know the answer?

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