People with same qualities or position that you have

a. folks
b. family
c. peers
d. parents

to assume all are the same and to categorize

a. ethnocentrism
b. prejudice
c. stereotype
d. racism

human population and groups of people

a. demographics
b. community
c. population
d. norms

a system in law enforcement that includes different stages of criminal proceedings [courts, police, lawyers etc.]

a. criminal justice
b. forensics
c. paralegal studies
d. communications


This would be a stereotype because it is not racism because that involves be9ing hateful prejudice is on an individual so that leaves you with a stereotype.
The correct answer is letter C. To assume that all are the same and to categorize is to form stereotypes. Often stereotypes cloud a person's judgment about people around him. This is a very common practice that all individuals do because we associate a lot of things with behavior and physical appearance.
C the answer is stereotype

I believe the answer to be C. Stereotype.

1) C-Peers 2) C-Stereotype 3) A-Demographics 4) A-Criminal Justice

I'm really not sure at all about my answers but this is what I think (: . 1. C. Peers the rest of them can't have the same position as you. For example, if you are a student your peer can be a student as well. This makes both of you have the same position. 2. C. Stereotype People can think we are all the same in different ways, and soon categorize us in different groups. For example, a stereotype is like saying Asian people are bad at driving. 3. A. Demographics 4. Criminal Justice This makes sense because the steps are the ways of getting to justice in a criminal case. That's it (: . Hope I helped!!!

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