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I'm half japanese (my dad was born in japan) and i grew up around his family. i know quite a lot tbh. what do you want to learn? like specify .... Read More
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World Languages, 23.04.2022, alyo31500
•as parts of ceremonies and often to ask for peace and blessings from evil. • late at night to entertain themselves or foreign visitors at the camp. • on long journeys through the... Read More
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With the name kĺťga (pronounced koh-ga), kĺť means fire. also, ko without the accent mark, means "heart, body and soul." so you could use the name kĺťko. it is not a masculine soun... Read More
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answer: vampire knightexplanation: its a two season anime series filmed in 2008, but the film production is great.   its dubbed in english, and has closed captions if that isn... Read More
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Answerrespectpresentation;... Read More
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