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Answerthis solution will not form a precipitateexplanationsolubility equilbrium:         pbf₂(s)  ⇄ pb²⁺(aq) + 2 f⁻(aq)the solubility product expression...Read More
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a saline water is fed to a reverse osmosis unit at flow rate o rotameter connected to reject (retentate) line reads 8 installed in reject and permeate line reads 15.2 milli siemens...Read More
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Determine the  wavelength of light emitted when an electron  in an li2+ ion  makes a transition from an orbital with n  =  6 to an orbital with n  = 5...Read More
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(b) which contains higher levels of vitamin b, oranges or spinach? explanation: you can eliminate a, c, and d because they are questions based on opinions....Read More
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