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y=3x+4step-by-step explanation: given the points a(0,4) and b(-4, -8)eqn of line ab: (y-4)/(x-0)=(-8-4)/(-4-0)(y-4)/x=-12/-4=3y=3x+4...Read More
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answer: the answer is b. i think hope i got it correct step-by-step explanation:...Read More
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we can't see all full 4 options, but if this is the full option, than the very left one is correct: -2/5 * -3 3/4remake the question, adding a picture of all the question, or write...Read More
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Chemistry, 12.10.2019, sallylove03
answer: the angel abc is 30°,and the abc is a triangle where the angel bac is 90°so ac is the half of 24=12ft,and from the pythagorean theorem we find baba=√bc^2-ac^2=√576-144=√432...Read More
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Y= -2x-1 the negative in front of the 2 is because the slope is negative and the -1 is because it’s down 1 on the y axis....Read More
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This is what i found “answer: a rigid transformation preserves both the side lengths and the angle measures of a polygon. step-by-step explanation: rigid transformations are the...Read More
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let y equal tothe total fare and x is the mile of taxi ride. so the equation isy = 0.55x + 1.75since susie has$10 to spend for a taxi cab, so he can have 10 = 0.55x +1.75x = 15 mil...Read More
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lol we need to see what the question is asking aboutstep-by-step explanation:...Read More
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