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the solution is x=1step-by-step explanation: we are given our   equation as[tex]log_3(x)=(x)[/tex]let's assume left side function is [tex]f(x)=log_3(x)[/tex]right side functio...Read More
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b. 153 students do not participate in sports and seventy-five 12th graders were surveyed...Read More
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5=812a+9+3 step 1: simplify both sides of the equation. 5=812a+9+3 5=(812a)+(9+3)(combine like terms) 5=812a+12 5=812a+12 step 2: flip the equation. 812a+12=5 step 3: subtract 1...Read More
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pretty sure its b step-by-step explanation: why? because i noticed a pattern. 60 120. those numbers without the zero, make the 6 times tables leaving your answer to be b since 6 t...Read More
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