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y = 5x + 17step-by-step explanation: a perpendicular line will be the opposite reciprocal slope of the given equation.   the slope given is -1/5 so the opposite reciprocal is...Read More
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English, 19.09.2019, thaemysha
[tex](4x-101)(2x +3)[/tex][tex]8x^2 + 12x -202 - 303[/tex][tex]8x^2+12x-505[/tex][tex]4x - 101 = 0[/tex][tex]101/4= 25.25[/tex][tex]-3/2 = -1.5[/tex][tex]x = 25.25[/tex] or [tex]x...Read More
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answerd. 10explanationthe distance from point y to wx is the height of the triangle.using pythagoras theorem,[tex](zy )^{2} +10^{2} = {(10 \sqrt{2}) }^{2} [/tex][tex](zy )^{2} +100...Read More
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the camry sales+accord sale=828,000. to make it so the two numbers are 18 thousand apart and still equal 828,000, you first need to find out what half of 828,000 is. 828,000/2=414,...Read More
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Sometimes life is like a tunnel. you can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you keep moving, you will come to a better place...Read More
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