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classical and renaissance ideals. he mainly focused in historical paintings, so you could also say that he drew his artistic inspiration from the bible, since he depicted and paint...Read More
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i believe the correct answer is: must sculpture be beautiful to be considered art?   the aesthetics represents the exploring of beauty and taste of nature in art, with the...Read More
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The agency can do the job searching and send in your applications for you....Read More
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He could go with d. temperatempera coloring is very precise and can easily be used if you have the skills necessary to paint hair. this was commonly seen in religious paintings mad...Read More
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Relief sculpture - images are set against a flat background. a coin is a good example: the inscription, the date, and the figure are slightly raised above a flat surface. the anci...Read More
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Lily, would be very good to use in lace like centerpieces. since this is a romantic wedding, you want lots of romantic decor. a lot of red and pink and white, are all associated wi...Read More
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Hai,the answer is b.)  a founder of the baroque style in francegoodluck!   ʕ→ᴥ← ʔ...Read More
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