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Mathematics, 01.07.2019, yobani62
Your maths is very weak try yourself this would improve your skills don't depend on others...Read More
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A. p = 2(l + w)p/2 - l = ww = p/2 - l b. while isolating the variable w in the equation, i first divided both sides by 2 and then i subtracted l from both sides. i hope this ....Read More
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step-by-step explanation: i think something is missing in your question because y-1=(x-12) would not pass through the point (-4,-3). because if you replace x by -4 your are suppose...Read More
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so the possibilities of the measurement of the side of the triangle are either it is longest side or not the longest sidewhen it is the longest sides < 25 + 35s < 60if it i...Read More
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The answer is 1 because you have to flip the sign when dividing by negative number and 3...Read More
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