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yes, i heard the "tea" with james charles and a few other beauty gurus. i believe charles is in the wrong and i believe tati the most. tati didn't lie about james charles but may h...Read More
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Biology, 23.02.2021, Hcalhoun21
a) at most means it can cost $12 or less so the inequality sign would be ≤you would then need to multiply the number of toppings by the 0.35 for each one and add it to the cost of...Read More
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[tex]7.00 \cdot 10^{-7} m - 1\cdot 10^{-3} m[/tex]explanation: infrared radiation has wavelength in the range between 700 nm and 1 mm. lets' convert these values into scientific no...Read More
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The answer would he -4,-2 because the points are just on the opposite side. since the x axis is +4 it's going to he -4 and since the y axis is -2 it stays there because whaen rotat...Read More
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