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The answer is actually b. explanation: lines that signify human-like characteristics: “a half a dozen kissed the eves”raindrops don’t usually ‘kiss’ anything, as it is a human ac...Read More
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the answer is r ≈5.641plug in the area of 100 yards into the equation100=[tex]\pi r^{2}[/tex]divide each side by pi≈ 31.8309=[tex]r^{2}[/tex]take the square root of each side to fi...Read More
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History, 03.06.2020, ik457
Yes, just because one had a disability doesn't change the meaning of the word. they would most likely have an (whatever language) sign language to sign what's going on. it would be...Read More
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the group received an extra pound of butter for christmas.the annex was delighted to hear that we'll all be receiving an extra quarter pound of butter for christmas....Read More
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