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the given 6 = w/p is equivalent to 6p = w, where w is the total area of the walls and p is the area covered by a single can of paint.knowing that 6 cans of paint will be needed, 6p...Read More
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y∈r, 8> y≥0hope i ! p.s the first bit only matters if you know what that means.p.p.s brainliest would really...Read More
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3[tex]225 + 79 = 304[/tex][tex]1200 \div 304 = 3.95[/tex]you can not round up to four, as there was not a full payment for the fourth night, so uou would round down to 3...Read More
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step-by-step explanation: when the line is solid: it's either < or > when the line is dashed: it's either < or > this > inequality sign means: greater thanmore th...Read More
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