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“the globe theatre is housed in an open arena the layout of the open air arena, featured the ‘ pit’ or the ‘yard’. the globe had a raised stage at one end and was surrounded by thr...Read More
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to me i think class room sitting education is better. i do online school and i have not learned a think haha. when i sit in the classroom i just sit there and kind of pay attention...Read More
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each poet admires poetry they each admire poetry because they could just use an expression or verbally just say you but they both write in in poetry which shows they know how to w...Read More
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answer: buck is a dog living a charmed life on the estate of judge miller, during the time of the klondike gold rush in 1897. he is the king of all the animals on the estate and a...Read More
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The answer is it organized land into districts. territories, and states.this ordinance created by thomas jefferson established a set of guidelines and procedures for a territory wa...Read More
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