Match each image to the correct sound based on the image provided. (5 points) a. aa b. ch ch c. ee d. ii e. jj


Where is the image at?
There is no image to put sound.
Donde estan las imagenea?
1 is B, CH CH, for CHocolate. 2. is EE, for EElEEfantEE. 3. I'm not sure about this one, but it could be the Americas, which in this case would be AA, for AAmericAA. Please tell me if I misinterpreted the question you were asking or there were any problems. Hope this could help you! :)
I would say 4 would be B
For 5, since it doesn't say a word for it, and although it looks like a chili pepper, that could also just mean pepper in spanish which is pimienta, unlike chili pepper which is Aji picante (little dash on the I) Just to be safe since both Aji and pimienta has Aa, I would recommend choosing A.Aa. It could be other ones so im awfully sorry if its wrong. For 4, its a little bit confusing since that could mean several things from looking at the picture. If you believe its Indian, then in spanish it would be Indio, which could mean D.Ii. Just so I could help you further, is it asking for the first letters? Or the whole image? 
Hope this could help!
I see how you could be confused by this.
Tell me if anything. :)

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