1.decide if the following sentence is grammatically correct or incorrect.

a. mis amigos almuerzan a las dos de la trade.


b. el pato vuela a su casa.

2.fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb between parentheses.

nosotros siempre (perder) nuestras mascotas.


3.choose the best response to the following question.

¿juegas con tus hermanos?

-sí, jogo con mis hermanos.
-sí, juego con mis hermanos.
-no, no jugar con mis hermanos.
-sí, jougo con mis hermanos.

4.choose the correct translation of the following sentence.

they always have fun.

-ellos siempre se divierten.
-ellos siempre se diverten.
-ellos siempre se diveirten.
-ellos siempre divertirse.


A. Incorrect
B. Correct
C. 2
1. incorrect
3.No, no jugar con mis hermanos.
4.Ellos siempre se divierten.

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1 A.  Mis amigos almuerzan a las dos de la trade.

This is Incorrect  

Although the verbal tense of the sentence is correct (present tense), the word for afternoon (tarde) in Spanish is misspelled.

Then, the correct sentence is:

Mis amigos almuerzan a las dos de la tarde

My friends have lunch at two in the afternoon (2:00 pm)

1 B. El pato vuela a su casa.

This sentence is correct, and is in present tense

The duck flies to its house

2. Nosotros siempre (perder) nuestras mascotas.

This sentence is written in present tense and the subject Nosotros (we) is the 1st person in plural.

In addition, the right conjugation of the verb perder (to lose) in present tense with the subject pronoun Nosotros is perdemos.

Therefore, the correct answer is:

Nosotros siempre perdemos nuestras mascotas.

We always lose our pets

3. ¿Juegas con tus hermanos?

This is a question made in present tense with the verb jugar (to play):

¿(Tú) Juegas con tus hermanos?

Do you play with your brothers?

In this case the answer must be with the subject pronoun Yo (I), and the correct conjugation of the verb Jugar with the 1st person in singular is:

Yo juego

Therefore the correct answer is:

Sí, juego con mis hermanos

Yes,I play with my brothers

Note in this sentence (as in the question) the subject pronoun is not explicitly written, this is because In Spanish, it is not always necessary to write the subject in the sentence.

This is because the subject is encoded in the verb conjugation.

This is called Tacit Subject, Implicit Subject or Null Subject.  

4. They always have fun.

In this sentence, to have fun is the verb divertir in Spanish.

The correct conjugation of the verb divertir in present and with the 3rd person plural Ellos (They) is:


Then, the correct answer is :

Ellos siempre se divierten
1A correct

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