Spanish como agua para chocolate please help

Spanish como agua para chocolate please help


1) pláticas
2) guardan
4) amargas
5) bromas
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Chocolate with tea was how European drink chocolate
Boil the chocolate. Chop the chocolate. Cut the chocolate into slices. Sweeten the chocolate. Mold the chocolate.

they eat chocolate with tea.

Option "A" is the correct answer to the following question.

Step-by-step explanation:

The sentences in which the occurrence of another event is found to occur only after the occurrence of a particular event are called conditional statements.  

In the given question, it is said that the appropriate person is ready to eat anything if that is immersed in chocolate, i.e if that thing is not covered in chocolate then that person will not eat it.

i am sorry I dont know the formula


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1. melt it
2. eat it
3. drink it
4. cut it
5. cook it
6. bake it
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