Now that you have worked through a lot of material that includes these basic patterns, and you have compared grammatically correct
and incorrect sentences, write down what you think is a rule that could explain what makes a sentence grammatically correct or not.
for example, you might write something like: "verbs always match nouns in number, and they usually come before the noun." in other
words, make your best guess for the grammar rule that makes sense out of the pattern(s) you see in the phrases you have been
working with. review if you need to, and you might briefly check your hunches against the sentences you have been working with in
this or previous modules. keep in mind that what you're after is your hunch, not a grammar rule from a text book. now check your
hunch with the explanation of this principle in the following pattern.
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The correct answer is sabia not joven
The translation is "the illiteracy rate is high but they do not get job opportunities. unemployment violence violence crime corruption" but i do not understand the question?
"es una sopa de pollo"

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