What definite should i use for autobús


Physical structure of the poem. The length of lines, thier rhythms, and repetition.

Poetic form refers to the type of poem, its structure and rules.


Poetic form is the type of poem, its structure and rules. That includes the types of rhymes, the length of the lines, the repetitions, rhythm, meter. Poetic forms are the result of combining different rules forming a pattern. Whenever a poem has those combination of rules, it can be identified with that certain poetic form. There are many poetic forms, the sonnet is probably the most famous one.

Physical structure of the poem

Physical structure of the poem. The length of lines, their rhythms, and repetition.

C. The rules that determine a poem's structure.


In literature, a work of art consists of form and content. A poem's content would be its essence, the fundamental idea and its development.

A poem's form, on the other hand, refers to the way this original idea is put into words.

Traditionally, a poetic thought must abide to certain formal rules (meter, rhythm, rhyme scheme), thereby distinguishing the thoroughly defined laws of poetic creation from the significantly less restricted prose.

Depending on the way these rules are executed, they result in different poetic forms (sonnets, ballads, odes...).

A sensitive case definition will include more cases than a specific case definition.


Case definition is a term use in epidemiology to define the method use to classify if someone has a disease or medical condition. It could be sensitive case or specific case

Sensitive case is use to detect many cases and can also count as cases of people who do not have diseases.

Specific case is use to detect cases of person with a particular illness.

Autobus definition is - omnibus.

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