The alps have played an important role in italy. given the location of the alps how might they have been both a and a hindrance to the development of italy


they protect against unsafe foods and medicines being sold


the answer is solomon northrup. he was a free-born african american, abolitionist and professional violinist that was drugged, kidnapped and sold as slave in 1841 and remained in captivity until 1853 where he regained his freedom with the of the then-governor of new york, washington hunt. he wrote and published his memoirs "twelve years a slave" in 1853, and in this text, he tells the story of his escape thru one of louisiana's swamps (the great pacoudrie swamp) in which he ended up covered in green slime from crossing the surface of the dead water.

The alps is the tallest and most vast mountain range in Europe spanning eight countries -  Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Monaco, France, Liechtenstein, and Slovenia. Given the location of the alps, it became a hindrance to the development of Italy by isolating it from the rest of Europe. On the other hand, the mountain helped Italy by protecting it from intruders by also serving as a barrier.  

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