What are the effects of the annexation of hawaii?


The most important effect of the annexation of the Mexican cession was the increase of the United States by size. Some of the surrendered territories were California, Utah, Nevada, most of Arizona, half of New Mexico, a quarter of Colorado and a small porting of Wyoming.
The best answer for this question would be: D. It helped the United States open trade with China, increasing the country’s wealth. Since, the United States had been involve with the country before, there had been a agreement between China and United States to initiate a tie in order to increase the economy of US. This is also because the involvement of China and Philippines.
The answer for this question is D    
Since the United States annexed the Philippines it was able to use the islands as a military base and also as a starting place for trade with the Asian nations so the last statement would be correct.
Cause : a strong desire for freedom
effect: transformed the u.s. economy with innovations

Its D :)


It helped the United States open trade with China, increasing the country’s wealth.


As you can see in the description of the political cartoon, Uncle Sam is being welcomed by a Chinese man, on his adventure of taking industrial products to China. This shows how the annexation of the Philippines had a positive effect on the economic status of the United States, because it allowed American industrial products to be well received and frequently requested in that region, which allowed the United States to open trade with China, increasing wealth from the country.

It helped the united states open trade with China, increasing the country's wealth.


The annexation of the Philippines by the United States referred to the control of the region by the U.S which took these islands from Spain as the agreement of the peace settlement of the Spanish-American War. At the moment, the Filipinos were amid a revolt against the rule of  Spain, but the U.S reap the fruit by taking possession of it. Another significant impact of this annexation was the exposure to the South China Sea, which would open a beneficial market for the U.S.



It would be a new home for a strategic military advantage proposed by Teddy Roosevelt, also a new sugar trade with the islands and states.
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