What city is the birthplace of denzel washington? ?


The name of the place is called Mecca. This is the site where all Muslims turn to pray wherever they are at in the world. They will always turn to the direction where it is located to recite their prayers five times a day
The correct answer is :
"Mecca, Saudi Arabia"
The answer to your question is C) Mecca

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The answer is city of Mecca
It would A hope it helps


which city, considered the birthplace of jazz, represented the most unique blending of arts and customs in the 1800s?

Answer choices

A.New York


C.New Orleans


The answer is: A


Mecca is the birthplace of islam.

city of Mecca

Explanation: Islam was founded by the Prophet Muhammad, who was born in the year 570 in the western Arabian city of Mecca

Mount vernon, ny hope this  

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