Why might historians need to describe different places?


Because the earth's climate is CONSTANTLY in flux and what today is a desert was once a tropical forest.

1. Why might historians need to describe different places on Earth?

Places are constantly changing if historians don't keep track of what it was like, the history of many different places would be lost. Many of the biggest deserts used to be lush, but how would we know that without historians?

2. How have humans altered the landscape of the United States?

over time buildings started being built, trees were demolished, and industrial factories also started being built which basically started destroying the environment.

2. How does geography impact history?

Geography influences history greatly. People who live on a river have different customs & will develop different lifestyles from those who live in the woods.

3. How do the physical and human features of an area impact the events that happen there?

Cash Crops

a crop that is grown for profit rather than for use by the grower


a community of plants, animals, and smaller organisms that live, feed, reproduce, and interact in the same area or environment Globes

three-dimensional spheres representing Earth


a person who studies history

Human Systems

the human characteristics of a region and how those characteristics work together to form spatial patterns

Manifest Destiny

a 19th Century belief that the United States was destined to expand its territory across the continent to the Pacific Ocean


two-dimensional illustrations showing geographical features and information


the physical and human characteristics of a geographical location


an area that shares physical or human spatial characteristics, such as language, culture, or climate

Relative Location

the location of a place in relation to another place; an example of relative location is describing England as east of the United States


map feature showing the difference between actual distance and illustrated distance

Spatial Patterns

the ways in which people, places, and characteristics are organized on the Earth’s surface.

2. The human have impacted the earth landscape in positive and negative ways. One example of a positive change is the way we recycle and do many projects to save the earth. One Negative way is that we build lots of building destroying the natural landscape, also taking over the animals habitats.
1.) The historians need to describe them because they will learn something about how people build buildings, live, and interact with each other, also to gain knowledge of the past.

2.) People constantly alter the landscape of U.S. by mining, constructing roads, deforestation, and building factories that would result in pollution.

3.) Different areas have different climates and resources that is why geography has an impact on history. There are places that are inhabitable while other areas are rich in resources that people could sustain their entire lives there. The geography of a location might decide the outcome of a battle. If the area is famous for its hills and mountains, then the people will use it to its advantage and strategize a way for them to win the war. In this way, the geography and the people's actions will definitely affect the history of that area.
1. Because every area on Earth has rich and diverse History, every new area is another million years of development.

2. Humans alter landscape by mining, making roads, and pollution.

3. Geography impacts history due to the fact that different areas have different climates and resources. Some places are inhabitable and some areas were so resourceful that humans could sustain their entire lives there. Human features impact events commonly. Take Syria for example; that will go down in history because it is a war. Wars, battles, etc all have a massive impact in history.

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They may need to describe different places because;

They may need to describe places to a class 

They may need to describe a place to fellow historians  
They may need to describe different places because;

They may need to describe places to a class 

They may need to describe a place to fellow historians  

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