Asource for conducting formal research would include
a observations
b. interviews
c. written reports
personal ideas
select the best answer from the choices provided


The correct answer is C. Written Reports
The answer is written reports
It would include interviews.

written reports


A source for conducting formal research would include written reports. Written reports serve as secondary sources of data and information that may be relevant when conducting formal research. They may include;

Government census, magazines, newspapers, textbooks, journals and many other documented information.

Observations, interviews and personal ideas will constitute primary sources of data.

The correct answer is C. Written reports.

Written reports is  way of conducting research which is formed.

Formal research is termed as process which a new information is learnt for a purpose of understanding each other and ourselves.

Some of the characteristics of formal research include questions, finding answers, organizational and systematic.

Option no. D written reports personal ideas.

Option no. D written reports personal ideas.

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