What problem about the structure of government did the young american nation face?
whether states should have governors or representatives
whether the president should have the power to declare war
how much power the national government should have
how many states should be recognized


The problem about the structure of government that early America faced was how much power the national government should have.


Initially, the United States was organized around a confederation, without a one-person executive power for fear of a tyranny, but with a Confederation Congress in which all states were equally represented, and in which decisions were made in joint form. The legal text under which the nation was organized was the Articles of Confederation.

The problem with this form of organization was that the Confederation Congress could not make decisions regarding taxes, trade or financing of the federal government, but only regarding war and defense. The remaining decisions were left to the particular decision of each state, with which the nation was very limited in its actions. Therefore, as a consequence of the difficulties in decision-making and the problems that these brought, it was decided to set aside the Articles of Confederation, to adopt the Constitution of the United States in 1787.

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