In what way was the government of the tang and song dynasties the same?


The correct answer is A.

The government of the Tang and Song dynasty, they both used a civil service exam to select officials. The rulers use the civil service system. People who wanted to hold office had to pass difficult examinations that emphasized Confucian philosophy. This creates a highly educated ruling class.

During the Tang and Song dynasty, the power of the old aristocracy began to disappear. A new, much larger, upper class emerged, consisting of official scholars and their families. Such a class of powerful and well-off people is called the gentry. The nobility reached their status through education and civil service instead of through land ownership.

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During the Tang and Song dynasties, China’s population nearly doubled, soaring to 100 million.  Tang and Song rule China had a  strong central government and a strictly ordered social structure based on Confucianism. The economy was also strong.

There were great achievements in the arts and architecture making it possible for China to influence other cultures, including that of Japan.

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The government of the Tang and Song dynasty both used a civil service exam to select officials

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