Jillian is able to understand what others are saying, but, when she tries to compose a sentence, the words she expresses do not make sense. what is implied here?

a. jillian has damage to broca's area. b. jillian has damage to wernicke's area. c. jillian has increased cerebrospinal fluid in the frontal lobes. d. jillian is experiencing neurogenesis.


White dwarf is very hot, but also very small and that is why it may appear dim.
The holy roman empire.

A. Jillian has damage to Broca's area.


Wernickes area is associated with the comprehension of speech, which in this case, Jillian is able to do pretty well. Whereas Broca's area is associated with the production of speech, where Jillian is having difficulty in.

Damaged Broca's area creates difficulty and forming proper sentences and distorts grammar. They have poor or absent grammar with the inability create proper sentences. It becomes difficult for them pronounce certain verbs as well.

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