2. in the quick test for fats (activity 3), is there a relationship between the size of the spot and the fat content of the food? explain your answer. (.5 point)


Yes, if a rock is intrusive, it has large crystals.  

Yes, there is a relation between the size of a cell and it's function.


Cell generally remain small in size so that these have larger surface area.For example, lets imagine a cube with each of its sides measuring 2mm. The total surface area of this cube will be 2mm X 2mm X 6 = 24 sq.mm.Suppose we cut this cube into 8 small cubes, reducing each side to half of its length.Then the total surface area of these 8 cubes will be 1mmX1mmX 6(surfaces) X 8 = 48 sq. mm.This is double than that of the larger cube, but the volume of both the cube remains same.This larger surface area relative to volume of the cell ensures greater diffusion of substances and thus enhances cell functioning.

here is no such relationship. The more the mass of the body, the greater is its gravitational force but other factors even determine the number of moons in orbit to that planet. For example, Mars has a lower mass than Earth but still has 2 moons - Phobos and Deimos while Earth has only one moon!

increasing area of spot translates to increased lipid content


Foods with higher fatty content have a ‘higher’ layer thus larger spots are formed than foods with less fatty content

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