How long is the band fallout boy supposed to be on hiatus, and when will they be back.


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x = 7

step-by-step explanation:

equating the expression for area to the given area

2x² - 7x - 4 = 45 ( subtract 45 from both sides )

2x² - 7x - 49 = 0 ← in standard form

to factor consider the factors of the product of the coefficient of the x² term and the constant term which sum to give the coefficient of the x- term

product = 2 × - 49 = - 98 and sum = - 7

the factors are - 14 and + 7

use these factors to split the middle term

2x² - 14x + 7x - 49 = 0 ( factor the first/second and third/fourth terms )

2x(x - 7) + 7(x - 7) = 0 ← factor out (x - 7)

(x - 7)(2x + 7) = 0

equate each factor to zero and solve for x

x - 7 = 0 ⇒ x = 7

2x + 7 = 0 ⇒ 2x = - 7 ⇒ x = - \frac{7}{2}

thus the positive value for x is x = 7

The band Fallout boy supposed to be on hiatus for three years, and they will be back soon after their hiatus of three years is over.


The American rock band named 'Fall Out Boy' was on a three year long hiatus before 2013 due to some internal reasons. The band had performed several shows for a period of over 10 years before going on hiatus. Patrick Stump is the lead vocalist of the band.

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