Which of the following best describes the period of reconstruction?
a; before the civil war when slavery flourished in the south
b: after the civil war when the federal government took control of southern states c: while the united states was rebuilding its relationships with other countries
d: after the mexican war when the economy of the united states improved


you should think about the answers you give and expect the same form your questions.

the correct answer is "c": the pillars proclaimed his regret at the bloodshed at the battle of kalinga and his conversion to buddhism.

the kalinga war is considered as one of the largest battles in the history of india. it was fought between the between the maurya empire, which ruled the lands of what is now known as india at the time, and the independent feudal kingdom of kalinga.

the army of maurya empire, led by its king ashoka, fought a prolonged war against kalinga. the war ended around 262 bce with the victory of the maurya empire. it is believed that ashoka, after having witnessed the loss of many lives during this war, felt deep responsibility and eventually converted into buddhism.

B is the correct answer

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