What is the term for unlearned, organized, involuntary survival responses that occur automatically (i. e. blinking, swimming, sucking) in the presence of certain stimuli?


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separate; break free


starting a new position with a formal ceremony.


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perform a service for free


involuntary service in military


withdraw; move away from enemy


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The answer is Reflexes. Reflex or Reflex action, is the involuntary movement of any organ or body part that has received a stimulus. It happens without any consciousness and is immediate. Reflexes protect the body from harm. The process of the sensory neuron carrying the stimulus to the spinal column and brain, and then brain sending a message to the motor neuron is called reflex arc.


Reflexes can be classified according to the type and function of the muscles or organs that move or function because of the reflex. Some reflexes that move skeletal muscles are called: flexor, extensor, locomotor, and statokinetic, Reflexes that involve functions of internal organs include digestive, cardiovascular, excretory, and secretory.

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