Which of the following does not occur during initial internal classification? question 2 options:

a) reclassification
b) housing assignment
c) program assignment
d) work assignment




when would a new household be started?

a.when the oldest male died

b.when a man and a woman married

c.when the house could not hold everyone

d.when a child was born

answer: us d when a child was born

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Supreme court ! hbdbsbbs

B.Housing assignment


In this context, internal classification is conducted to analyze the treatment that we should give to an inmate. During this process, our prison establishment will analyze the danger level of the inmates and determine the programs that we can take to give proper rehabilitation.

This includes things such as creating. schedule for them, the type of education that they can follow, the type of medication that might be needed to calm them down, etc.

Housing assignments will be determined after internal classification is finished. (The next step) .Not during.

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