the purpose of our first discussion board assignment is to give students the opportunity to think critically about real world applications of psychological testing. for the current discussion, address the following issues in your thread: given your current or intended career path, identify and define at least one of these assessment tools that you presently use or likely will use in the future. using an example, describe how you think you will apply this tool in a real world context. by and large, the purpose of psychological testing is to the person being assessed (e. g., clinical case histories aid in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness). using at least one scriptural citation, build an argument for whether or not psychological assessment is a biblically-supported practice that christian professionals can use to serve others.


Your answer for this question would be letter, D
General formula used in exponential problems:
f(x)=a* b^{x}
a=initial number of friends(followers)
b= rate of share (by what amount does a increase each day)
x= number of days past after initial share

f(x)=5* 2^{x}
f(x)=42* 2^{x}
f(x)=3* 3^{x}
f(x)=8* 3^{x}

"Using the functions for each student, predict how many shares each student's post will have received on Day 3 and then on Day 10. Justify your answers."
We insert numbers 3 and 10 in formulas instead of x.
Day 3:
f(x)=5* 2^{3} =40
f(x)=42* 2^{3} =336
f(x)=3* 3^{3} =81
f(x)=8* 3^{3}=216

Day 10:
f(x)=5* 2^{10} =5120
f(x)=42* 2^{10} =43008
f(x)=3* 3^{10}=177147
f(x)=8* 3^{10} =472392

"Based on your results, which student's post travels the fastest?"
Juan's and Krista's posts travel the fastest.

"How is this shown in the equation form of the functions?"
This is shown as a base of exponential part of equation.

"If you had to choose, would you prefer a post with fewer friends initially but more shares or more friends initially but fewer shares?"
To have biggest possible reach it is best to have as many shares as possible. Initial number of friends does not affect the reach as much as shares do.

"Can you think of reasons why more or fewer shares are preferable?"
Fewer shares are preferable when we want to keep shared information with our friends only. More shares are preferable when we want to reach big number of people ie. advertisement.

A fitness assessment is a series of tests that helps your trainer determine your physical fitness level and aids in developing your personalized program. The results can identify your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your physical fitness and help in setting attainable fitness goals.



C. Do an online search for local flower growers.

The writer addresses the counterargument in paragraph 3. He begins the paragraph by presenting other critics' point of view. The counterarguments demonstrate the opposite point of view that technology hinders creativity and imagination.

The writer supports the use of technology in the classroom. He explains that the use of technology provides with effective methods of teaching and learning. In his view, technology can provide valuable help to school systems.

1) the answer is p. 3
2) The writer supports the use

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