Walter and joanna have been trying to have a baby for over a year. walter's aunt rae tells them not to worry because a friend of her neighbor's daughter had the same problem and then had two children in rapid succession. walter and joanna are more inclined to see a specialist rather than rely on aunt rae's advice because it reflects:


answer; /// the statement is false,false,false;

He was probably very upset and disapointed and mad. all at once. so he probably wanted to show his disapointment, angryness, and depression. he didn't think of the affects due to the minor issue thst he has gone through. sorry if it doesn't . but i am trynna people.

Walter and Joanna are more inclined to see a specialist rather than rely on Aunt Rae's advice because it reflects perceiving order in random events.


Though the example given by Aunt Rae would be true to its extreme, but cannot be guaranteed that the same would happen with Walter and Joanna. The example that Aunt Rae gave was utterly random and hence relying on the possibility of the same would be deemed as risky as far as the passing time and the reducing fertility of both Walter and Joanna with time was concerned.

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