From an evolutionary perspective, everyone wins when a person who has been in the past repays that assistance in the future. this concept is called altruism.


the answer is a wheel


do away with


in complete agreement


separate; break free


starting a new position with a formal ceremony.


people who wanted the north to cooperate with the south


to give up


perform a service for free


involuntary service in military


withdraw; move away from enemy


expert who gives advice




Reciprocal altruism: In evolutionary biology, the term reciprocal altruism is defined as a particular behavior in which a specific organism acts in a certain manner or way that leads to temporary reduction of its fitness, therefore, increases the other organism's fitness and holding an expectation that the other organism will act or behave the same way in future. It can happen between individuals who are non-relative.

In the question above, the given concept is called reciprocal altruism.

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