What is the difference between an eating disorder and disordered eating? group of answer choices the percentage of weight loss it leads to lack of regular menstrual cycles social isolation the extent of the control it has over someone s life


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the extent of the control it has over someone s life

Explanation:Disorderly eating occurs when we eat in an unhealthy way but still this isn't behind our control we can change our habit at anytime without anyone's help cause with disorderly eating one is still in control of how they eat and what they eat , the only thing is they just choose to eat unhealthy for only that time being.

Eating disorder on the other side is beyond ones control they can't help it and they can't stop eventhough they see the impact this is having in their lives .

The difference is more in the frequency and severity of behaviors and the distress they cause to the individual.

Disorderly eating is usually not that frequent because one is still in control whereas eating disorder is frequent and severe behavior.

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