When asked to define "popularity," brianna offers, "it's when everyone likes you." chrissy suggests, "it's basically the number of friends you have." how do the two girls' definitions differ?

a. chrissy's is a procedural definition; brianna's is not.
b. brianna's is an operational definition; chrissy's is not.
c. brianna's is a procedural definition; chrissy's is not.
d. chrissy's is an operational definition; brianna's is not


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The answer is six :)
Before conducting this study, she needs to develop operation definitions for both shyness & short stature. Without these definitions, she has nothing to compare her results to. She needs to have some sort of starting point to contrast her findings from.

Establishing an operational definition ensures that everyone agrees on what a variable means.


An operational definition offers an unbiased description of the way researchers are going to measure and observe a variable in a specific study. It is a key element for the collection of all sorts of data and becomes crucial when it is necessary to judge how correct or incorrect something is, or to clear the doubts about something.

6 i think :)


1. experimental operational definition.


An experimental operational definition is a procedure that Schachter used to investigate the relation between anxiety and affiliation.

He realized that most of the men’s anxiety appears from the theory of affiliation. He made an experiment to divide people into 2 groups: highly anxious and barely anxious.

He realized that stress or fear of something unknown can influence the behavior of one person.

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