According to a process view of economic justice, a social distribution of wealth is just if and only if the disparities in wealth are due to differences in merit, achievement, or contribution. true or false?


The major achievement and contributions of river valley civilization is that introduction of agriculture which gave us the Neolithic period. And also people started settling near water. Moreover, people started exploring other luxury goods as they had sufficient food like in China they invented silk ( an expensive luxury good)
planning of cities jewelry pottery Sanskrit religious art temples paintings sculptures stories plays poetry metal lurgy-the art of working with metal knew how to make alloysHindu-Arabic Numerals (still in use today)medicine inoculation-putting a small dose of a virus into someone to build a defense to disease astronomy

The correct answer is letter "A": goal achievement.


Performance appraisals are evaluations employers conduct based on a standard established by their companies where workers' performance is tested. It is useful to determine if the employees are fulfilling the expectations of the firm and if they are actually accomplishing the goals of why employees were hired for.

If a performance appraisal is focused on meeting customers' demands and delivering clients' products on time, the evaluation is likely to be focused on goal achievement or the ability to reach achievements in time and form based on what consumers may ask for.

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Confucianism was an achievement which led to the downfall of the Zhou.

Confucianism as a religion was founded by Master Kong. He did this to unveil the mystery behing the religion of the Zhou dynasty. This religion was the push factor for the better ideals, social values andphilisiphy of the Chinese society.

B. Iron Metalworking


During the Hellenistic era, the ancient Greek were the ones that started democracy, which became the base of what the whole world use today. They were the first to play an outdoor drama, which lead the foundation of the movies we watch today. They invented the rules of Geometry, which has made the study of coordinate more easier. The Greek philosophers (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) were the ones that developed the art of Philosophy to search for wisdom and truth. The Greeks developed the Science in medicine, by giving a Scientific approach in research for drugs to cure disease. They also gave an intelligent approach in the classification of plants, which has helped today's biologist and botanist. They started the Olympics game, which the whole world enjoys participating today.

i think Confucianism

1. Pyramids 2. First 365 calendar 3. Papyrus 4.the water wheel 5.mathematics,, that’s all I can really tell you I’m so sorry, I feel bad



In the society, the wealth of people are linked to there achievement, some are merit ,while some are through hard work. All these disparities process view explains is based on a natural view of the society and wealth people.

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