Path-goal theory suggests that the interaction between leader behavior and the situational aspects of the organization is detrimental for the efficacy of the agency. t/f


answer; sexual harassment prohibition act; is your answer,good luck

1. state-issued photo ids. provide them for free for those who can't afford them.

2. the system we have seems to be working nearly perfectly. seems like about 31 cases per billion votes cast

3. the national policy for hiring new employees which requires proof of eligibility to work. there are something like 20 types of identification which can be used for this.



Path goal theory refers to the different styles and behavior adopted leaders of an organization to cater to the needs and satisfaction of the employees. As the name suggest the leader became responsible to make the path of the employees more easy and clear. This theory enforces that different behavioral strategy should be used by the leader to satisfy the employees and their working environment, which would ultimately improve the productivity of the organization.

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