When being tailgated by another vehicle while responding to an emergency call, you should: select one:
a. stop the ambulance and confront the driver.
b. slow down and allow the driver to pass you.
c. increase your speed to create more distance.
d. slam on the brakes to frighten the tailgater.


Slow down and allow the driver to pass you.



Tailgating is the process of following a vehicle too closely without giving space. Tailgating is dangerous because when a vehicle follows another vehicle too closely it leaves no space to stop. It can be more dangerous when following heavy vehicles especially vehicles that are heavily loaded.

If someone tailgate's you then you should give warning before stopping. Tailgaters can be avoided by slowing down and allowing the tailgater to pass by. Or by changing the lane also.

In the given scenario, the tailgater should be allowed to pass by, by slowing down the vehicle.

So, the correct option is B.

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