When tyronne first heard a new song on the radio, he disliked it. however, after hearing it played many times on the radio, he is surprised that he has grown to like it. tyronne's positive attitude toward the song after listening to it multiple times is best explained by

a. the mere exposure effect.
b. the elaboration likelihood model.
c. cognitive dissonance.
d. implicit attitudes.


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B) hypothesis. its guessing and your guess could be changed quickly based on the information.

a. the mere exposure effect.


The mere exposure effect is a term used in psychology which refers to the likelihood of the individual increasing their liking of some object, person or situation just because they are exposed to it frequently and therefore, they are familiar with them.

In this example, Tyronne first heard a new song and he disliked it. However he kept hearing it many times and now he has grown to like it. We can see that he has been exposed to the song frequently and therefore he has grown to like it. This is best explained by the mere exposure effect.

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