In his work, utilitarianism, mill's test or basis for distinguishing higher from lower pleasures is the preference of those who have experience of both. true or false?


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Utilitarianism is a moral philosophy that determines right from wrong by focusing on the results. It promotes actions which maximize happiness and well-being for most of the people. It is the most reason-based approach in determining right and wrong.

The most prominent philosophers among utilitarianists include Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill (1806-1873).

In his book, Utilitarianism (1863), Mill among other things, Mill tries to distinguish higher from lower pleasures. He argues that the intellectual pleasures like art, reading, conversation, friendship is more desirable kind of pleasure than bodily pleasures, which counts as a lower pleasure. It is what distinguishes us as humans from animals.

Humans, who have the ability to experience both types of pleasure, throughout history determined which of those pleasures are better in the long term, and ranked it from highest to lowest.

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