Joe likes to play with his little sister at home, even going as far as to push her around the house in a stroller like a baby. if his friends come over, he won't show this type of behavior. this is an example of


in this scenario it would be the consumer demand as most influential in making the decision. the band members need to figure out where and from whom they will make the most money, in other words who out of the two consumer groups - football fans or car drivers - will spend their money, who is more likely to contribute to their cause and buy what they are offering.

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The modern meaning of Gender refers it socially constructive terms in which characteristics are assigned to particular sexes such as male, female or third genders. Now when the people identifies themselves according to the gender roles and they make a particular gender identity, it creates problem as now their social role restrict their full participation in society.

As per the question, Joe gender identity of male restrict his behavior in society, and among his peer particularly.

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