Which is the best description of the economic crisis facing the united states under the articles of confederation?
a) under the articles of confederation, the federal government did not regulate the national bank, which led to widespread inflation.
b) america piled up a huge national debt during the revolutionary war, but the federal government was unable to collect taxes to pay off the debt.
c) america entered a period of recession following the american revolution because of conflict between northern industrialists and southern plantation owners.
d) several new territories were added to the nation because of the articles of confederation and the federal government began to collect income taxes to fund acquisition of the land.


Debt.  USA owed a lot of money, to a lot of countries.  
France, Denmark, and Spain to name a few...  
B)America piled up a huge national debt during the Revolutionary War, but the Federal government was unable to collect taxes to pay off the debt.
C and D answer it's not even make sense.
First of all, articles of confederation created after the american revloution to make a new governer and begin new life for the colonies. They are very weak and could not tax people or farmers. The only success is the oradience of westward.
After the war the american had a huge debt from the war so it was kind of a problem back then. I think the answer is B.
A is close but not close enough. Hope it help

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