The sports and entertainment industry generates revenue directly through all of the following except

a: corporate sponsorships

b: event marketing

c: sales of ancillary products

d: discretionary income


Answer:  d. Discretionary income

The sports and entertainment industry generates revenue directly through all of the following EXCEPT “Discretionary income


Discretionary income is the total benefit remaining after reducing all the expenses like taxes and other living expenses. It involves the reduction of the price for clothing, housing and essential taxes.

A sport and entertainment industry makes high profit from sponsorship and event organizing and marketing. But the discretionary income is not the source of earning for those industries, instead they use sale of ancillary products for profit.

D. Discretionary income is the correct answer.


Discretionary income is the income left after making all the necessary payments such as rent, medicine, insurance, transportation and tax etc. While the sports entertainment industry doesn't depend on discretionary income, it generates significant revenue from  corporate sponsorship, event marketing  and sales of ancillary products(add on products that one can purchase in addition to the event tickets)

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