Arelationship can be damaged by

a. people spending time with one another. b. exceeding expectations. c. not meeting expectations. d. honest communication.


Arelationship can only be damaged if expectations are not met, honest communication, exceeding expectations and spending time with one another is always a good thing.
A. Its pretty obvious, isn't it?
A relationship can be damaged by D. not meeting expectations. There are relationships when you need to expect something from one another. Not being able to meet it may change the view on how to go about the relationship. Having trust, is the most basic and the foundation of relationship. Honest communication makes the relationship open to new possibilities of their traits, ambitions. People spending time with one another also strengthens the relationship because you get to know the person more.
A is the correct answer

not meeting expectations.

Not meeting expectations.

Further Explanation:

If your relationship is damaged it is almost inevitable to reverse it into a healthy relationship. A good relationship should be open, friendly, trusting each other. Walls go up and up and people move farther and farther. Then that relationship is full of distrust, anger, and fear. For example a failed marriage. As time goes some of the relationship gets stronger and others start deteriorating. Little disputes turn into big fights. People do not fulfill each other’s expectations which often lead to fights. People are disappointed when they do not get what they want which make them frustrated and sad. Then that frustration leads to anger and finally a big fight. Initially, disputes are over little things and then if they are handled badly it leads to two people getting apart. If couples have problems initially then they can negotiate solutions as soon as possible. If they do not do so, tension gets buildup in the relationship which becomes harder to deal in the future. Positive interaction changes into negative interactions like criticizing each other. If more damage is done,  it is harder to repair it. Good relationships are a beautiful gift and should be handled carefully.

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Open, friendly, trusting, distrust, anger, failed marriage, expectations, negative interactions.

Not Meeting expectation can damage a Relation ship

People spending time with one another leads to a perfect relationship. It shows that a true love and affection exists between two people. When two partners have time for themselves, it promotes stronger relationship because they have the time to discuss, play and relate. It helps to keep the relationship alive; therefore spending time with one another cannot damage a relationship.

Honest communication in a relationship develops the relationship. It means both partners are straightforward and true to their words.  This will make both partners to feel more secure and comfortable with each other. This will even encourage patient in the relationship, therefore honest communication cannot damage a relationship.

Trust in a relationship makes it healthy. It makes both partner to feel more comfortable about each other, therefore it cannot damage a relationship.

Not meeting expectation in a relationship can cause a lot of damages. As a matter of fact, individual has been disappointed in one way or another without much effect but when things don’t happen the way we wanted it in a relationship, it makes an individual feel bad about the situation thereby causing a huge damage to the relationship. It creates a bad impression among partners, therefore not meeting expectation cause damage to a relationship.


how a relationship can be damaged:


damage a relationship meeting expectation spending time honest communication damage

in my opinion, a relationship can be damaged by exceeding expectations



Because, people spending time together will not damage a relationship.

If you do not spend time together it WILL damage the relationship.

C) not meeting expectations

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