Ineed studying. i'm a visual learner and idk how to study. like, i study and i get a d and i teach the material and i even go through the worksheets my teachers give me. it's really hard to when ur teacher gives u a study guide but it's mostly questions and i'm not an auditory learner or kinestic so i don't know how to study those and my teachers can't me study. : (


Mindmaps are nice, I would do both to see what you like personally
Mindmap would be great for you than ! ;)
I would rewrite your notes, that helps me remember. Or if you dont like writing, search up videos on the subjects and find problems online to solve.
Depends on what subject you're trying to remember. If you chew mint gum while studying and then chew the same kind of gum when taking your test, it helps you remember things. The only time that I ever had to draw things to remember them (as a visual learner) Was only for math equations that had geometry in them. I hope this helps! 
Create diagrams it really helps

Honestly? Just review your notes and try to work out the problems yourself before taking a look at the answer. You can also google specific topics that the test will cover and try the practice problems.

You can go to Walmart and buy a workbook or let some body that lives with you to write down some questions and you can answer it. :)
You could watch YouTube videos may be that'll help

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