Elaborate on the reasons that matter is said to move even as in solid state


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It won't lose or gain electrons if it's a covalent bond it shares the electrons with another atom or atoms. if it is an ionic bond it will lose the 3 electrons on the outer shell and become a positively charged ion.  credit goes to @sunshinebaby of answers.yahoo.com.

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The particles in a strong are so pulled in to one another that they vibrate and don't move past one another. The atoms of a fluid are pulled in to one another, however move all the more openly and past each other.  At the point when a solid is supplied with heat energy, its molecules vibrate quicker about their fixed focuses.  The thermal energy makes the particles move quicker, (heat energy is changed over to kinetic energy) which implies that the volume of a gas builds more than the volume of a strong or fluid.They vibrate quickly about their fixed positions . Their vibration speed relies upon the temperature of the strong .  
The most common reason that matter is said to move even in a solid state is the atoms vibrate.

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