Which of the following objects works by burning fuel to push hot air toward the ground and create thrust to use in lifting off? a. rocket c. space station b. space probe call


So the choices are A. rocket B. space probe C. space station D. All of the above

Strictly speaking, only the rocket would burn fuel and create thrust to lift off.  A space probe and a space station are launched into space by sitting on top of a rocket. They do not have enough fuel to lift off by themselves.

So I say the ans should be A.
Rockets, space stations, space probe 
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d. all of the above

All cited vehicles require a fuel-burning system to overcome the resistance of the atmosphere and gravity. Thus, all are correct.

option a. rockett.


a) rocket.

The rockets are lifted by the reaction force (third law of Newton) that the gases (hot air) expulsed by the rocket exert of the rocket.

The situation is that the gases are expelled with tremendous force. The force exerted by the gases are the action force, then the reaction is the force that the gases exert on the rocket, which is the mentioned thrust.

b) space station:

The space station are just orbiting aroud the Earth (or it might be other planet), so the do not a thrust. The gravitational attractive force of the object around which it orbits do the work.

c) space probe:

Space probes can not rely on burning fuel as 1) they would need a vast amount of fuel and so the space probe would need to be huge, and soon 2) they would run out of fuel.

Space probes use nuclear energy, since small amounts of the radioactive substance are able to provide huge amounts of energy.

the answer is all above you are welcome

The answer is "all", as all three operate in that manner :)

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