Find the mass of a ball on a roof 30 meters high, if the ball's gravitational potential energy is 58.8 joules

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igneous rocks also form where plates converge. the subducting plate melts as it sinks into the crust of the earth, and the melt rises into the overriding plate forming volcanoes. m...Read More
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1. Sp^3; Sp. 2. Isomers. 3. Weaker. 4. Atomic; hybrid. 5. Pi. 6. Electronegativity. 7. Resonance structures. 8. Sigma. Explanation:1. A tetrahedral carbon is Sp^3 hybridized while...Read More
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Answer B:  "half as much as before"Explanation:Consider the conservation of momentum to start with in order to find the velocity of the conglomerate of the two cars after collision...Read More
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w =3416 rad/min  Explanation:The angular speed of the wheels in radians can be defined as follows: wherew = angular speed r = radius of the wheels =distance traveled per minutein t...Read More
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we have been given a quadratic function [tex]f(x)=(x-5)^{2} +2[/tex] and we need to restrict the domain such that it becomes a one to one function.we know that vertex of this quadr...Read More
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