Some coastal regions of the world have cooler summers and warmer winters than inland regions at the same latitude. what accounts for this difference in climates

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stands for electromotive force and it is measured in volts. despite its name, it is not actually the force in the sense of being a "pushing" or "pulling" (not measured in newtons)....Read More
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As the distance between the alien and the surface of the planet increases, the force of gravity decreases. This relationship is true in all cases: as the distance increases between...Read More
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  soil is  vegetal. in forest or prairies, as well as agricultural fields, dead plants are transformed by different kinds of living organisms. ...Read More
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=》Because atoms of elements in the same group of the periodic table have the same number of neutrons, they have similar properties. Hence the statement is False. Thanks...Read More
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SECTION B (BOILING POINT)Explanation: Boiling point (100°c)This is the point in which the water molecules acquires sufficient kinetic energy to overcome the attraction binding the...Read More
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1. Su amiga Elena.2. Unas pastillas para el resfriado.3. Una cada seis horas.4. Un vaso con agua y una aspirina.5. Miel con canela.6. Su amiga Elena.Explanation:You have to answer...Read More
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